What Are Partnerships

First of all, we're glad you're here and that you want to include our info in your project. It's always a good time when people want to help in our fight against misinformation. But let's not waste time here, we're all busy people so here's how things work around these parts:

Partnerships are essentially just a fancy way for us to say "You're allowed to use our data based on the terms of our agreement". There is not a lot to it but being a Clarity Partner does provide direct access to us in our Discord server and a private channel where you can talk with our team. You also gain access to a partners-only discord channel where you can discuss things with other partners or ask questions in a slightly more public setting.

Partners can also request a custom "converter" for our database that will reformat (text) classes and provide that as a separate source file so that it can be directly used inside your app without first needing to go through another conversion layer on your app's side. 

How Partnerships Work

We're quite hands-off with managing partnerships and our demands mirror that approach (because our hands are already full with the project) but we do have some simple guidelines that we ask developers to respect:

But to make things abundantly clear: Following these guidelines does not authorize you to use the information we provide. As covered in the README of our database repository, this only applies if you manage a small-scale project (think a private Discord bot that is exclusive to your clan so at most 1-200 users). Otherwise, you will need to be a Clarity partner to get the go-ahead from us.

That caveat aside, becoming a partner also opens up the possibility of renegotiating the guidelines above. Being a partner is also going to make everything more convenient for both of us so it's a win-win (I think?).

So how do you become a partner then? Simple:

Everything else will be handled in the Clarity Discord Server from this point on. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Partners

DIM is the go-to inventory management app of tens of millions of guardians and it's home to a host of features that are guaranteed to make your Destiny journey much more convenient.

If you want a place to dig through the depths of the Destiny API in a visually appealing way or are interested in its update history, this is the website for you. But if that's not your cup of tea, there's so much more to be found on

If you enjoy experimenting with weapon rolls, Foundry will be an excellent addition to your toolkit with its sleek UI and its lengthy list of amazing features. If you're not using Foundry to explore weapons, you're simply doing it wrong.

Braytech is a must-have app with an extremely clean UI and many useful features for character progression, clans, triumphs, light inventory management, checklists, and even interactive replicas of the in-game destination maps with many attached resources.

A simple yet powerful mobile app for inventory management that is beloved by many in the community. An excellent choice if you enjoy multitasking on your phone or pretending to play Destiny on the go.

Despite the name, Blue Engram is an excellent app that allows you to easily track your weapon crafting progress, browse through craftable weapons, and it even has a couple of minigames because... why not I guess?

Vault Zero is a Destiny 2 companion app for iPads and Apple Silicon Macs with a slew of useful features ranging from inventory management to a fireteam inspector and even helpful tools for completing raid puzzles. is a simplistic inventory manager with its UI/UX very closely aligned with the game's own. It's made for people who want the convenience of inventory manager apps but aren't exactly power users.

Bakery is a simple mobile app that allows you to experiment with weapon rolls and check their effects on the weapon's performance alongside providing easy access to YouTube reviews of the gun.

Destiny Perks stays true to the name by being a simple but handy website to explore weapon perks and weapons by allowing you to filter them using many options such as elemental synergies and anti-champion functionality.

A handy Discord bot allowing you to look up weapon perks, ornaments, and cosmetics directly from Discord by the creator of D2ArmorPicker.