How Clarity Came To Be

Clarity started as a joke with Icemourne messing around in the debug menu and adding some weapon stats to Destiny Item Manager’s (DIM) weapon context menus.
Immediately after, people swarmed him with requests to make this a publicly available tool and thus, after some time, Clarity was created.

Since then, many things have changed and the code needed major rewrites to continue developing this extension. Others joined the project to let Icemourne focus on the code behind it and the number of users has skyrocketed.

A valid question to ask would be why we didn’t just try to add these features to DIM since it’s open source. The answer is actually quite simple: it would come with too many restrictions for us. This is the reason we develop Clarity as an independent project while still collaborating with DIM's core dev team and many other community projects like

We are grateful for your support and trust in our project and will continue to keep making it better and better going forward.

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