From a joke to the most trusted Destiny 2 resource

Clarity started like many long-term projects. One guy made a joke and decided to follow through with it. What initially started as a Chrome Extension to insert our perk tooltips into DIM has now grown into something much bigger.

We started with our owner joking around with adding damage falloff and reload speed information to DIM and whipped up a demonstration using Chrome's debug menu. Unsurprisingly, people loved the idea so he decided to commit to the bit and learned how to code to make his idea a reality.

Once the extension was released, it quickly became a staple in the D2 Science community and it was a common occurrence that people poked fun at anyone that did not have Clarity installed yet. Things continued like that for around a year with another member joining the project to help maintain the information and the extension received frequent updates.

Unfortunately, the low periods in the game hit the team pretty hard so development slowed and our owner ended up quitting the game soon after - only updating our internal tools from then on. It was also during this period that we had the idea to open up our resources to other projects since our extension was quickly falling behind on updates. We ended up partnering with three community projects relatively quickly:, Crayon, and DIM.

This ended up being an excellent decision for our project and we shifted our focus to being a backend resource for other 3rd party projects in the Destiny community. Other partnerships followed the previous three in the times to come and we ended up creating a Twitter account as well to cover hot subjects from a scientific perspective and take our passion to teach to a different format.

Our social media endeavors have proved to be a great success and allowed us to reach a lot more people directly through spontaneous conversations in replies or direct messages. It allowed us to establish direct lines of communication with many prominent members of the community and helped shape our approach to future threads with excellent questions and discourse in the replies that made us almost forget that we were on Twitter... almost...

We can't thank the community enough for showing so much interest in what we love and the level of trust people have in our work. All we can say is that there are more and bigger things yet to come from us. The future is bright!

Contact Us!

The best and easiest ways to contact us are through our social channels such as Twitter/X and our Discord Server where we also offer the option for private support tickets to contact our staff directly. If these options are less convenient, feel free to reach out to us via email at stardustclarity (at) gmail (dot) com.