Contributing to Clarity

First and foremost, thank you for even visiting this page. But to not waste anyone's time, I want to set expectations for what it's like working on Clarity. Frankly, there's a lot of work to be done and it's a constant workload keeping things up to date across all the elements of the game that we cover.

The structure of our setup allows for a select few team members to handle data maintenance while an arbitrary number of translators work on the localization efforts to make our information more accessible to the greater community. So let's go over the responsibilities of each role involved in the process of maintaining Clarity.

Do note that due to Clarity being a free service, we are unable to promise any benefits for joining the team but we'll keep your contribution in mind if we ever receive a greater level of financial support that allows us to give back to the ones that helped us build the project up to that point.

Data Maintenance - Applications Closed

This role involves continued involvement with the greater D2 Science community and the ability to test things reliably should the need arise. This necessitates a solid track record with previous work and having communication lines to other reputable D2 Scientists for clarifications.

At minimum, this position requires a solid grasp of the following topics:

In addition, Data Maintainers should have sufficient writing experience to be able to condense data into as short of a tooltip as possible with minimal (ideally zero) loss of vital information. This is a core requirement as we have to be conscious of how our information ends up being displayed in our Partners' apps.

Due to the extensive requirements, applications for this role are closed and any potential addition to the team for that position will be through direct invitations largely based on reliability and reputation in the D2 Science Community.

Localization - Applications On Hold Temporarily

Note: we only cover languages officially supported by Bungie themselves for Destiny 2.

To set expectations, this is a part of the project where we only have limited oversight when it comes to what each translator does with the English tooltips we provide them with. We ultimately can't verify the accuracy of the translation or if it sufficiently conveys the same message as the original English version. 

Due to this, the Localization role functions based on an "honor system" where we assume good intentions and good quality until proven otherwise. We will have extremely low tolerance for major errors in this regard but hope that a 1-3 month trial period will weed out offenders.

In order to join the Localization team, you'll essentially have to familiarize yourself with our so-called "Data Maintenance Quickstart Guide" that doesn't go into any of the required fields of knowledge but instead explains the most important aspects of each of them that we actively cover in our tooltips. This is done in order to ensure every translator is clear on what they are translating and so they can choose their phrasing with greater confidence.

Once you've successfully joined the team, we ask you to be very liberal with questions you might have and always contact a Data Maintainer in case you're uncertain about anything. In an ideal world, translators would check on the database every (other) week and after major updates to make sure tooltips are generally up-to-date but we do not enforce this in any way as we appreciate your volunteer work regardless of the amount of time you're able to commit to the project.

If you'd like to apply to be a translator, please open a support ticket in our Discord Server and we'll discuss things from there. (We manage and organize things in our Discord Server so a Discord account is required to become a contributor)