A DIM Companion App


Clarity is the combination of perk definitions and calculators to improve DIM’s menus. Here’s a list of the most notable features we currently provide:

All these features have already been completed, but we have many others that are in the works for the future. For more information on this, feel free to visit our Discord Server.


Clarity is available for Chrome and other Chromium-based Browsers (like Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave) on the Chrome Web Store. For Firefox users, the Firefox Store is where you can find our extension.
You might have to 'allow external browser store downloads' on some Chromium-Based browsers so just do that and you should be fine.

We also recommend switching to the Beta Version of DIM for the latest features but this is not required.

For a manual installation guide, you can join our Discord Server but this shouldn’t be needed for anything. (Unless you wish to try our pre-release versions)

Our Partners

DIM uses our data to provide their users access to our simplified descriptions even if they do not have Clarity installed.

(For full access to our features, you still have to install Clarity separately) uses our data to provide their users access to our simplified descriptions on their website.

If you want a place to look through the depths of the Destiny API in a visually appealing way or are interested in further information, this is the website for you.

Foundry uses our data to help people pick out their desired weapon rolls by providing greater insight into what benefit each perk provides.

If you enjoy experimenting with weapon rolls, Foundry will be an excellent addition to your toolkit with its sleek UI and many features.

Crayon uses our data to provide Discord users easy access to perk descriptions along with many other useful features.

Bakery uses our data to help people experiment with weapon rolls and check their effects on the weapon's performance in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Updates and Support

You can view the recent changes and updates to all things Clarity on our Changelogs Tab and our Discord Server. We try to always get back to users as soon as we can if they are experiencing issues with the extension or are just asking some questions about the ins and outs of how things work.

You will also be able to request features and follow the development more closely if you join our Discord Server. We hope to see you there!