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Raising the bar for accuracy, together

In our efforts to decrease the amount of misinformation floating around in the community, we've decided to extend "consulting" opportunities to prominent community members. These involve script reviews (from a purely technical standpoint), game mechanics Q&A, in-game testing walkthroughs, and phrasing advice. 

So let's talk specifics. Due to time constraints and that this is a free service, we're unable to guarantee a full review every time but we'll do our best to address any questions to the best of our ability (time permitting). So if you feel that you could make use of our offering, consider contacting us. The best way to do so would be by tagging us on Twitter or sending a direct message if we already follow you. Otherwise, you can also do so through our Discord server by opening a General/Creator Support Ticket in our #support-and-partnerships channel.

The one requirement we have for anyone wanting to enlist our help is to have a history of consistently posting their content to an established audience such as YouTube, Twitter (X? I guess??), or Twitch. A request we have is to please prepare at least a general outline of the script for a review or have your questions ready so we can get straight to the point.

So with all that in mind, if you're a creator that cares about the accuracy of their content, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll try our best to help you out with whatever questions you might have. Additionally, we'd like to highlight that doing so could remove the necessity of us creating Twitter threads for the purpose of addressing potential errors in the video, comment thread, or other forms of content. (There's no real way to make this not sound like a threat, huh? Long story short, we're trying to curb the spread of misinformation, and that involves addressing major errors in videos as they pop up.)

If anything piqued your interest and want to give things a shot, hit us up through one of the options mentioned above. We've worked with a handful of creators already and it's been nothing but an overwhelmingly positive experience so far.

In case you do decide to take us up on the offer and are satisfied with the quality of the service, you may consider supporting us through Ko-Fi but that is 100% optional and we do not wish to set up that expectation. Likewise, if we could've done something better in our interaction, please tell us like it is. No need to sugarcoat anything. Learning more and improving in our role is our number one goal even above helping others. Because if we're not ahead of the curve, we won't be able to teach others as effectively.


What Creators Say About Us


"If I ever need to compare test results for something in game I'm about to explain within a video, Clarity is an excellent resource to ensure I'm giving accurate information. Recently they were kind enough to answer a number of questions I had on one of my video scripts and it made a big difference for what I ended up deciding to present. To save them time I recommend coming with your information and assumptions or questions prepared in advance. I'll be sure to consult Clarity on future projects."

– Castle Content (Script Review)

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