v1.6.33-36 - Soft Unlaunch

We've been hard at work behind the scenes building out a solid framework for future versions of the extension but this came with the unfortunate downside of the current versions quickly becoming outdated and unsalvageable. Thus, we've chosen to disable our outdated perk definition display (last updated in August 2022) in favor of DIM's native 'Community Insights' feature that uses our new framework.

We consider this a "Soft Unlaunch" since the extension will stay mostly functional and online as we understand that some of its features have become a must-have for many users. (These include custom themes and range/reload calculators) Once we can get back to work on the extension, we'll be sure to launch something that's worth the wait.

v1.6.31/32 - Background Maintenance

v1.6.31 - Hotfix

v1.6.30 - Hotfix

New Partner Announcement: Destiny Item Manager

We have partnered up with DIM and agreed to provide them access to our simplified descriptions. These will be optionally displayed in a similar way they are to Clarity but without our dynamic calculators and fancy formatting.

Regardless, this should help a ton with providing people more insight into how weapons work and we're extremely excited about this new partnership.

v1.6.29 - Background Maintenance

Version logs pre-1.6.29 are available exclusively on our Discord server. This page only logs changes made after the launch of v1.6.29.